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  Rockhampton State High School
1 Campbell Street


Kelly Wood 

Agricultural Science Teacher and Year 9 Coordinator 
Ridgeland Show 1st June 2013

At school we have stud cattle (Rocky High Brahmans) and we also have a feedlot. After Junior Beef, we sell our steers and purchase more to fatten up over the next 12 months.

Currently we have seven steers – two Brahmans and five Charbrays. The two Brahmans are progeny of our school cattle and the five Charbrays we purchased (Tim Olive –Forby and Hi Five and Kenny Rutherford –One for the Money, Double or Nothing and Triple Treat). We also have our Brahman cattle, but only our heifer was been part of the Show Team (Jasmine).



Female 12 months and under 15months

Jasmine - 1st -  handled by Abby Hansen

Junior Steer

One for the Money - 1st - handled by Leah Bull

Double or Nothing - 2nd handled by Cassidy Watson

Hi Five - 3rd - handled by Dylan Olive  

Light Weight Steer

Milo - 1st - handled by Holly Mann 

Admiral - 2nd - handled by Damien Scott   

Heavy Weight Steer

Triple Treat - 2nd - handled by Julie Orr 

Forby - 3rd - handled by Rilie Baker   

Supreme Champion Steer

One for the Money - handled by Leah Bull 


Junior Paraders

12 years and under

Maddison Watson - 3rd 

13 and 14 years                                

Abby Hansen - 2nd

Julie Orr - 3rd

Rilie Baker - 5th

15 years

Leah Bull - 1st

Cassidy Watson - 2nd

Dylan Olive - 5th  

16 years and over

Damien Scott - 4th 

Junior Judging

12 and 13 years

Julie Orr - 1st

Madison Watson - 2nd

Cody Olive - 3rd

14 years

Abby Hansen - 2nd 

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